‘Tis the Season, Holiday Safety Tips

by Steven Wright

The season of joy, forgiveness, thankfulness and hope is upon us. In a perfect world, we should celebrate the birth of our Lord every day, be ever mindful of his sacrifice and be generous with our giving.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and very often we find ourselves in situations that cause just the opposite to happen. Sometimes no matter what we try to do things just do not go how we hope.

Restore or Discard

by Steven Wright

Restore or discard— In today’s world we find that people are on two ends of this perspective. Goods and services, and the ability to obtain them, are at the tip of your fingers. We can shop on-line for food, clothes, furniture, cars, houses, and even a date or a life partner. Most of the things we obtain today are made to last as long as our desire to keep them, or until something else catches our eye. Use it once and throw away.

My Top 10 Driving Don’ts

by Steven Wright

There are many Top 10 lists out there, for almost everything. Mine may not be as entertaining but it could save your life, especially if you drive in California. I did something this past Memorial Day weekend I don’t normally do: travel.

TMI: Too Much Information

by Steven Wright

Not a day goes by that I don’t say “TMI” to myself several times. In this information age, it actually applies in many different areas of our society, impacting us from the time we get up until the time we turn the lights out.