Zoe Burke

No Gun Intended By Zoe Burke: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

After the traumatic events documented in Jump the Gun, Jeff and Sylvia Starkey decided to relocate and start anew in Portland, Oregon. Having recently moved to New York herself, their daughter Anabelle Starkey is on her first real visit to see her parents. Flying is never enjoyable, and everything goes downhill quickly when Anabelle not only gets wine spilled on her by a dozing passenger but her backpack is swapped out with another’s in baggage claim—and the backpack contains a gun.

Jump the Gun: an Annabelle Starkey Mystery By Zoe Burke

by Cynthia Chow

For thirty-two years, Beatrice Annabelle Starkey had lived her life according to the rules. A publicity manager for a San Francisco self-help publishing company, Annabelle has always dreamed of somehow living the adventurous life she's seen in her beloved movies, but it's not until she meets Mickey Paxton at a Chicago book convention that she allows herself to be swept off her feet and ready to commit an act of previously unthinkable impulsivity. Even before exchanging so much as a kiss, Annabelle follows her heart onto a plane with Mickey to Vegas and onto a trip of chaos, deception, and well–excitement!



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