More Food Mysteries From Penguin

by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have another fun selection of food related mysteries from Penguin, and one mystery that also has an animal rescue aspect. We have If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion By Paige Shelton, Do or Diner: A Comfort Food Mystery By Christine Wenger, One Dead Cookie: A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery By Virginia Lowell and Rubbed Out: A Memphis BBQ Mystery By Riley Adams.

A Day in the Life of A Yorkie

by Sheryl Wall

Yorkshire Terriers are beautiful and elegant dogs that are loved by many. They are loving and full of life. They are known as lap dogs but there is a lot more to a Yorkie then cuddling with their owner. They can be very active and inquisitive little dogs who sometimes think they are much bigger then they really are. Yorkies are not the best choice for active and rambunctious children, but if your children are calmer and know how to interact with a small dog it can be a great match.

Yorkie Ambassadors for Pet Therapy

by Lee Juslin

When Julie lost her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Keiko, she not only lost her best friend but she also lost a big part of her life. Keiko was a certified therapy dog. She and Julie had spent a lot of years visiting hospitals and participating in events to highlight pet therapy. Now Julie found herself on the outside looking in at what had been an important part of her life.