Wizard of Oz

New Theatre Opportunities For KCUSD Middle & Elementary Schools

by Lorie Lewis Ham

While Reedley High School has been well known for its theatre productions for quite some time, I recently became aware that theatre was happening at some Kings Canyon Unified School District (KCUSD) K-8 schools in Reedley, so I set out to learn more. Little did I realize that this actually began last year and somehow slipped under KRL’s radar, with the first show, a production of High School Musical Jr., performed by TL Reed students at Silas Bartsch.

The Great and Powerful Oz Comes to Immanuel

by Amber Carter

Immanuel High School's choir department is performing The Wizard of Oz for their 2016 Spring Musical. The cast stars Seniors and Annie Regier as Glinda the Good Witch and Aunt Em. Both students participated and performed in Immanuel’s Chamber Choir's fall performance of The Secret Garden. The ensemble for Oz comprises of the chamber choir, concert choir, men's and women's choir, and elementary and junior high choirs. Director Rick Robbins chose this show to give as many students as possible the ability to perform and gain show experience as well as great memories.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return: Movie Review

by Sheryl Wall

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return begins with Dorothy waking up in her Kansas home after the tornado. She finds that all of the town is packing up to move and even her family are thinking of moving instead of rebuilding because the Tornado left little undamaged. Meanwhile in Oz, the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tin Man call for Dorothy to return to again save OZ but this time from the Jester who also happens to be the Wicked Witch’s brother.