Immanuel Volleyball: Communication is Key

by Lauren Tashjian

Welcome to Valley Playoffs. It is win or go home. Our team has dropped three passes in a row and our setter has completely shut down mentally: slumped shoulders, head down, and quivering lips. Tears are about to roll down because we believe the season is over. You are our coach and you call a time out and gather us in a huddle. What do you say to us? How will you react to what is happening on the court?

Christine Weems, Only The Beginning For This Young Teacher

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Here at Kings River Life Magazine, we realize how important teachers and other school employees are to the lives of our children and the future of our communities as they shape the leaders of tomorrow. Sadly, most of the best of them work long hours with little recognition or thanks. Our goal here is to take a moment to thank as many of these people as we can — those who go above and beyond and exceed expectations.



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