Visalia Rawhide

Take Me Out To the Baseball Game!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

With gas and ticket prices what they are now you practically have to take out a loan to go to a Major League baseball game to see the Giants, Dodgers, or whoever your favorite team is. And with the current economy, it’s hard to even consider spending that kind of money. So if you have an itch to attend a baseball game, why not try Minor League baseball and check out the Visalia Rawhide. They are right here in our own backyard and far more affordable.

Interview with Rawhide Pitching Coach Doug Drabek

by Larry Ham

There’s an old and true adage in Baseball, that pitching wins championships. It’s been proven over and over again through the years, and that’s why the pitching coach is one of the most important parts of a baseball team. On the professional level, the pitching coach at the lower minor league level makes a huge impact on the development of an organization’s prize prospects, and that’s why the Visalia Rawhide have entrusted their pitchers to Doug Drabek.



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