Father’s Garden

by Maria Ruiz

In 1947, Dad was transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas. He bought a house in Junction City with an empty lot next door. Here, he dug, planted, seeded and tended a vegetable garden, fifteen feet wide by twenty feet long. He lovingly watched as his corn, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, potatoes and squash plants came up. Every night, after work, he would pull the hose out and walking up and down the rows, would water his little jewels.

The Tomato

by Margaret Mendel

The tomato offers year round enjoyment. In the summer, the tomato helps to cool the weary chef on hot sweltering days when it is freshly sliced and put into a crisp salad or lightly sautéed with garlic and mushrooms and folded into prepared pasta.

Help Me, My Child is A Vegan!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

So your teenager just came home from school and announced to you they are becoming vegan/vegetarian. What are you supposed to do? What does this even mean? What will you feed them? Will they be healthy? So many questions. Often a parent’s first response is to get angry. Your child is going against your way of living and you feel like it’s just a form of rebellion.