Blithe Spirit Presented by Encore Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Looking for some laughs and entertainment to help relieve the stress of the holidays? Look no further than Encore Theatre and its upcoming production of the classic Noël Coward comedy Blithe Spirit, playing December 1-16. This ghostly comedy is the perfect show to warm up you and your family this holiday season.

Rock of Ages On Stage In Tulare

by Jake Mizner

Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll.
Not the description you'd expect from a production at Encore Theatre, Tulare's long-running historical theatre. But sex, drugs, and rock n' roll is exactly what you'll find in Rock of Ages, playing 9/29-10/14. Rock of Ages is a Tony-nominated musical packed with your favorite ‘80s rock anthems from bands including Twisted Sister, Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Poison, and Whitesnake, among other iconic bands.

Matilda the Musical Presented by Encore Theatre

by Jake Mizner

Encore Theatre Company is excited to present Matilda the Musical for their 2023 summer production. While the long running theatre performs productions throughout the year, it has built a strong reputation for big musicals in the summer. That trend continues with Matilda, a production filled with huge musical numbers, exciting special effects, and a talented cast of all ages.

Step Inside of History At The Tulare Historical Museum

by Evelyne Vivies

Whether you’re a history buff or you just enjoy exploring pieces of our past, visiting a local museum is an educational and interesting experience. One such museum, the Tulare Historical Museum, is the perfect place to learn more about Tulare, a small town located in the heart of the Central Valley, which holds a special place in our valley’s history.

Encore Theatre Co.: The Beating Heart of Tulare

by Sarah Peterson

In the thirty-seven years since its inception, Tulare’s Encore Theatre Company has evolved from a summer school program replacement, to the Tulare mainstay that it is today. After funding was cut for a Summer School Theater Program in 1978, teachers and parents who’d been involved in that program decided it was high time for Tulare to establish a permanent outlet for the dramatic arts. Thus the Encore Theatre Company was born.

The Arts Consortium

by Irene Morse

There are many articles and notices about visual and performing arts events happening locally in Tulare County. Most of the articles will have, “Member of the Arts Consortium,” as part of the by-line and some will be accompanied by the logo. It is a mystery to most people, however, just what an arts consortium is.

Swimming with Tsunamis: Local Band Profile

by Zachariah Zendejas

On the musical scene today is the post-hardcore band Swimming with Tsunamis, with members from the Dinuba and Tulare areas. New to the local music scene, this band was formed in January of this year.Post-hardcore refers to the area of punk and hardcore, but does not reside in these neighborhoods; post-hardcore is its own sound, as is Swimming with Tsunamis. Their mix of scream and clean vocals doesn’t make for “easy listening” but it is definitely enjoyable.

Tulare Farm Show Circa 1910 & Now

by Jim Bulls

Let’s step back into fantasy land, to the hypothetical Farm Show of 1910, when farmers traveled from Bakersfield, Fresno, Coaling Station A, Stone Corral, and Reedley. Back then, just as it is today, there is the threat of rain in the air. That is not going to stop the contingent from Reedley though; they have some of the newest farm and commercial equipment, plus skills, to exhibit.