LGBTQ+ Inclusion In Mysteries: Expanding the Possibilities

by Martha Reed

People wonder why I chose New Orleans as the setting for Love Power, my Crescent City NOLA Mystery. There were a few reasons. One, I had conceived of my traditional Nantucket Mystery series as a trilogy, and No Rest for the Wicked, Book 3 was done. As I cast around for a new setting, something topical, eye-catching, and fresh, I knew I needed a location where my characters could encounter serious problems. With 300 pages to fill, personal conflicts are a great sustaining plot device!

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: June 2023

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

Fifty-four years ago, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, drag kings and queens, people of color, and white, all had enough and fought back against the unfair and discriminatory treatment they experienced in every civilized sphere: social, economic, and government. The LGBTQ+ community has seen huge expanses in equal rights: marriage, serving in the military, and in some states civil rights protections. However, as the LGBTQ+ community gains rights, the far right continues to attack and try to push the community back into the closet.

Chaser By Dharma Kelleher

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I have to admit that I don’t typically read books about biker bounty hunters, but when I learned about the book Chaser, it drew my interest and I decided to give it a try. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that the main character is transgender, something you don’t see enough of in mystery fiction. But there’s so much more to this book and this character than the fact that she is transgender. She is a kick ass, capable woman and a wonderful main character.

Drag Story Time Spreading Christmas Joy

by Mallory Moad

You know what I like about the holidays? Dressing up! And who likes dressing up even more than I do? Kids! On a sunny Sunday in mid-December, a bunch of kids came together with another group of people who are even more enthusiastic about dressing to the nines: drag queens and kings. The event was Drag Story Time and from designer dresses to plaid pajamas and a pint-sized Santa Claus, everyone looked marvelous.