Tony Awards

Why The Bridges of Madison County will Make You Weep, Fall in Love, and Weep Again

by Ashley Taylor

It should be noted: I don't cry in public. I do not like crying at the theater, and since I seldom do, I'm never prepared for it. There is a moment in Bridges where I started crying early on in a song, and by the middle, I realized I just needed to let myself weep. There are rare moments when art and music combine in ways that fill your soul to the brim and the only release is through tears. That's what this show does.

Kinky Boots: Tony Nominated Show Review

by Ashley Taylor

I feel like I was just hit in the face with glitter and feelings.
That's literally what I said as I left the theater.
I went into Kinky Boots not really knowing what to expect. I'd read a very minor plot synopsis, but decided to just experience the show completely raw, with no research or “online previews,” (since it's so rare anymore that I get to do that). I am SO glad I did. This show is electric.

Spring Awakening: On Stage In Fresno

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This past weekend the first of several Valley Premieres of Tony Award winning musicals coming to the area this summer hit the Fresno Memorial Auditorium Stage. Spring Awakening, presented by The Underground @ CMT, opened to enthusiastic crowds and some local criticism for its content.

How To Throw the Perfect Tony Watching Party

by Ashley Taylor

The Tony Awards are almost here and, personally, it’s my favorite awards show. Yes, many people don’t know or care about this show. But for my people, it’s Christmas in June.
The nice thing about the Tonys is the organizers realize that most of the people watching haven’t seen these shows. I mean, yes, we’re familiar with what’s opening on Broadway but unless you live in New York and have a nice amount of disposable income, you probably haven’t had a chance to swing by every new show.

War Horse: Tony Nominated Show Review

by Margaret Mendel

With the Tony Awards upon us this Sunday we have the great treat of being able to enjoy a review of one of the Tony Award nominated shows thanks to KRL's writer in New York. While only our New York readers will have the chance to see this show for now, hopefully many of us will be able to enjoy it sometime in the future and now we can enjoy the Tony Awards with just a bit more knowledge of one of the great plays that is nominated.