Tomanni Bistro

Great Food Search—Here There and Somewhere Else

by Terrance McArthur

The typical Great Food Search of the month features a theme (Salads, Hot Dogs, The Tower District, et cetera) or a single restaurant (Mi Linda Tierra, Sunnyside Delicatessen). This month, it’s a little different: places I went to about the time I was reviewing something else, or it didn’t fit the theme for the month, or—"Hey! I haven’t been there in a Covid’s age!” Some of the pictures have been sitting in my photo file for a long time,’s about time!

Tomanni Bistro in Reedley: More Than a New Place to Eat

by Jim Mulligan

One of the many great things about immigrants is that when they come to the United States, they bring with them a little of their home culture; if we are lucky, they share it with us. Of course, with that comes language and food, two of my favorites, not necessarily in that order. On a recent visit to one of Reedley’s newest eateries, I learned that both language and food are an integral part of their quick success. I learned a Finnish word – sisu – which like many deeply-rooted cultural words in another language, does not have one, straightforward English counterpart. The Finnish concept of sisu roughly means strength of will, determination, perseverance, all in the face of likely failure. It seems just the concept that one might need to understand and employ when deciding to open a restaurant in a very competitive market and during a pandemic.