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Tina Whittle

by Sandra Murphy,
Cynthia Chow, Terrance McArthur,
& Lorie Lewis Ham

Another year has ended, and once again we take a look back at a few of the many books reviewed in KRL in 2018. All but one of our main reviewers share in this post their top 5-10 favorite books they reviewed in 2018. Our newest reviewer, Katherine Costa, wanted to include favorite authors and TV shows that she has reviewed, so hers went up in a separate post.


by Cynthia Chow

If ever there was a couple who embodies the phrase, “opposites attract,” it would be Tai Randolph and Trey Seaver. Recent violent attacks have them united as the poster couple for PSTD though, and somehow these two damaged and prickly personalities have found in each other a place of safety. Tai has also finally managed to put the Atlanta gun shop she inherited from her Uncle Dexter into the black, and a call from his friend Richard has her enthusiastically recovering Civil War remains and artifacts disturbed by a tornado in the Amberdecker family cemetery.


by Sunny Frazier

At first, it seemed off in the distance, but now we’re only two weeks out! With Long Beach on the horizon, I still have many authors who have asked to be included in my Bcon updates.


by Tina Whittle

“I‘ve got half a mind to walk out of here right now,” I said.
He tilted his head, looked thoughtful. “But you won’t.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “Try me. I don‘t care if you are married to my sister, I‘ll…”


by KRL Reviewers

KRL reviewed a lot of really good and great books in 2013, but we decided to give our best shot at choosing our top 5 of the year–some of us cheated a little, but here are our choices! And if you are an author who is not on the list, take heart–like I said, they were all good books!


by by Cynthia Chow
& Tina Whittle

Atlanta gun dealer Tai Randolph has settled into a steady, if not entirely comfortable, relationship with Trey Seaver, a sexy former cop and Special ops agent whose recovery from a brain injury has him as a virtual living lie detector who has had to study and relearn how to behave normally. The entrance of Tai’s appropriately named friend, John Wilde, threatens to end the unusual absence of calamites. He has come to offer Tai a job to retrieve a near-priceless Bible stolen by Hope, the woman he left Tai for and who is the co-owner of their pawn shop.


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