The Wallaby Way

Rogue Reviews 2017

by KRL Staff

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back several times a day! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! To check out our Rogue preview article & some Rogue performer preview articles go to our Arts & Entertainment section. We will also be posting some performer video interviews on our YouTube Channel. So far we have reviews of Joy Compactor, Tidal Surge, Dances to Heal the Soul, Poetry and Prose From Fresno State, Too Old To Be This Young, Delirium, The Magic of Elder, Discrete Packets of Song, My Cat Thinks It's A Pig, The Wallaby Way, Joan of Sn'arc, Moonlight After Midnight, A Fatal Step, Thanks For Coming, Healing Stories, Chelsea > Blake, and Stalking Grace.

Rogue 2017: The Wallaby Way

by Gemma Wilcox

Gemma Wilcox returned literally just last week from her 91 year old maternal grandmother's funeral in London, UK. This makes performing this show about her maternal lineage--where she plays her grandmother amongst many other characters and creatures--particularly pertinent, alive, and potent!