Terry Ambrose

Secrets of the Treasure King By Terry Ambrose: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

The Treasure King, a boat twice the size of anything at the marina and with a captain whose last visit to Seaside Cove was trouble, has once again docked. The trouble starts immediately when Captain Carroll is asked, more like demanded, to move his boat, which also included a follow-up visit from the law to punctuate the idea of following the rules. The captain is also publicizing he has evidence that shows the location of the San Manuel, a ship that in 1568 sunk with treasure worth millions, if not billions, in today’s market. So is it any surprise that the captain is found dead? Arguments. Threats. Competition. Greed. Murder.

The Poisoned Pen Bookstore

by Terry Ambrose

The Poisoned Pen Bookstore was founded by Barbara G. Peters in 1989 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The store carries current and classic works of mystery, thrillers, historical and literary fiction, and literature of the American Southwest, much of it offered in Autographed First Editions. For many bookstores, that would be enough, however, Poisoned Pen isn’t just an independent bookstore, it’s also a well-known publisher of mysteries.

Sisters In Crime

by Terry Ambrose

The pedigree of Sisters in Crime reads like a Who's Who of mystery writing. The organization owes its roots to women writers known to most mystery fans, including Sara Paretsky, Dorothy Salisbury and Phyllis Whitney. The organization grew from a few outspoken female upstarts to become a force capable of influencing change in the mystery-publishing industry.

Paradise, Passion, Murder: Helping to Improve Literacy

by Terry Ambrose

Writers, almost by definition, are dreamers. On January 26, one of my dreams came true. Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawai‘i was published after nearly two years of preparation and work. This anthology has one purpose, to help improve literacy in Hawai’i. Every participant in this project, from Carolyn Hart --who wrote our Foreword, to the authors of the stories about murder and passion in the islands, wanted to make a difference. Our dream is to see a day when more children--and their parents--can read. Hopefully, together.



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