Local Teacher Profile: Tim Warkentin, RHS Mathematics Teacher and Coach

by Brissa Reyes

Believing in the next generation of great minds is just one thing a teacher does. They make a positive impact every day, by inspiring students and adults alike. Whether it's in an English classroom or out on the baseball field, these amazing individuals who have made a grand impact on our lives are the ones we have to thank for all the knowledge we cherish.

Local Teacher Profile: RHS Mathematics Teacher, Don Friesen

by Brissa Reyes

Teachers are much more than just educators. They inspire, create, and encourage greatness from the people around them. Whether it’s investing in their students to strive for success or simply by instructing complex ideas that help them grow intellectually. They shape the lives of our community in grand ways and are deserving of an immense amount of recognition, more than what they usually receive. We would like to recognize one of those teachers who has positively influenced the lives of many, and has changed the community for the better: RHS Calculus teacher Don Friesen.

RHS World Geography Teacher Roger Hoeflinger, Local Teacher Profile

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Teachers are unsung heroes who often change the lives of our children. Many of us can say that there was a teacher who made a big difference in our lives. That is why we at KRL like to profile some of our local teachers so you can get to know them a little better. This week we are profiling Reedley High School's World Geography teacher Roger Hoeflinger.

No Substitute for Maturity By Carolyn J. Rose: Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Pat Browning

Barbara Reed, substitute teacher at Captain Merriweather High School in Reckless River, Washington, is not having a good day, and that’s even before the school bell rings. Opening lines:
"You may not realize you’re carrying a backpack loaded with beliefs or a tote bag crammed with foregone conclusions, until your baggage collides with that of another … And mine was slamming into Dave Martin’s as he moved into the condo now known as “ours.”



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