Orange Cove High School Teacher Alana Woodin

by Jim Mulligan

About eight years ago, while finishing up a ministry training in Mozambique (yes, the Mozambique in Africa), Alana Woodin felt called to live and work in Orange Cove (yes, our Orange Cove). The fact that Orange Cove was where she felt called to work and live is really no more surprising than if she had been called to go to Reedley, Selma, or Wichita, Kansas. Once one learns a little about Woodin, when one understands her core values, and when one hears about her life experiences, it is not so surprising that Orange Cove and its youth not only called but likely screamed out to her as the next stop on her journey of faith and life.

7 Top Qualities of a Special Education Teacher

by Staff

Teachers play a crucial role in helping society reach its true potential. They help students learn basic academic concepts and develop essential life skills to navigate everyday tasks. Special education teachers focus their job responsibilities on working with children who have a variety of disabilities. These children require individual instructions by trained professionals who can help them excel without letting personal limitations get in the way.

KCUSD Teacher Spotlight: Kirby Kauk

by Jim Mulligan

If you love the settings of movies like The Horse Whisperer or A River Runs Through It, you have likely dreamt of living in the wilds of one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.A.: Big Sky Country—Montana. At least during the summer months, it seems like an idyllic place to live, be a kid, and experience rural life to the fullest. No one would argue that growing up in suburban towns, urban centers, and even the mega metropolis of a place like New York City don’t give folks these unique opportunities and perspectives.

Teaching During the Pandemic: A Local Educator’s Insight

by Steven Sanchez

A lot of things changed once Covid-19 impacted the world. Despite the effect it had on employment, service industries, entertainment, none probably felt the deep impact of how severe the virus was capable of than the educational system. Once the lockdown hit, teachers and students were dealt a very big blow when the last months of the spring semester at all school levels were cancelled.

Q & A With Local Actor, Educator & Podcast Actor Julia Reimer

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Since theatre on stage is still on hold right now, we are continuing to feature some local actors who have also been acting on our podcast, Mysteryrat’s Maze. This week we chatted with local actor Julia Reimer who has been the voice of several of our episodes, and has another one coming up in December. She also teaches theatre at Fresno Pacific.

Reedley College Instructor Spotlight: Dr. Kirk Kawagoe

by Jim Mulligan

As the Tutorial Coordinator, my paid job, I have the pleasure of working with many of the instructors at Reedley College. The relationships I have with the instructors are essential to finding qualified and interested students to become peer tutors. A side benefit is the opportunity to get to know these hardworking, dedicated individuals who help students discover the joy of learning. As a Reedley College alum myself, I know and remember the influence that instructors had on me and my motivation to achieve my academic goals.



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