We Love to Entertain By Sarah Strohmeyer: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

To the Manor Build is a home rehab cable show. Like the others, their cameras follow homeowners as they renovate their house. One couple is designing a ranch retreat for bullied LBGTQ teens to give them a safe place to live. Another couple decided to make their retreat for medical people who were traumatized by the pandemic. Holly and Robert are a young, rich, beautiful couple in love, and their house will be an energy-efficient home, off the grid but with all the amenities. High end amenities no working-class family could ever afford.

From Chaos

by Karen Randau

Hi, I’m Kelsey White, the co-protagonist in Karen Randau’s newest book, From Chaos. The seed for me got planted in Karen’s brain when she was thinking about the first novel in her Peach Blossom Romantic Suspense Series, Into the Fog. I was the victim in that story, and Karen didn’t say much about me then, so she gave me an entire book to peel back the layers of my persona.

Ruth Ware’s Art of Anxiety

by Sharon Tucker

The supernatural may not be a major component of Ruth Ware’s suspense novels (except for reading Tarot cards...), but her books are intense reads. The primary characters who people her novels are young professionals, successful on varying levels, who find themselves in the midst of circumstances beyond their control.

Until the Day I Die By Emily Carpenter: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

Erin Gaines, her husband, and a couple of good, really best, friends start their own company. It features an app that helps users stick to their budget. As you pass a store, it will tell you what’s on sale, if it fits your allotted budget, and it keeps track of all your expenses and savings. A great way for college kids to live within their means, for adults to save for retirement, and for retirees to plan trips or gifts for the grandkids. The plan is to ride the app’s success for a few years, then sell to the highest bidder, retire as millionaires.

Killing Season By Faye Kellerman: Review/Giveaway

by Theodore Feit

Turning her attention away from the long-standing series featuring Decker and Lazarus, Faye Kellerman has written a standalone involving a serial killer and rapist, a teenager obsessed with finding the murderer, first love, and hanky-panky goings-on in high school. It makes for good reading throughout the rather bulky book.

Nine Lives By Wendy Corsi Staub: Review/Giveaway

by Cyntha Chow

One year ago Isabella Jordan’s life began to crumble around her. Shortly after her adored husband Sam passed away after a long illness, Bella lost not only her teaching job but the lease on her home as well. The only other family member left alive is her judgmental mother-in-law, so with no other option Bella packs her son and all of her belongings into her car to drive to Chicago to spend the summer with Sam’s mother. Fate steps in when Bella and five-year-old Max encounter a very pregnant cat before they've even left New York State, forcing them to take refuge in the strange small town of Lily Dale.

Past Due: Mystery Short Story

by John Clark

I tried not to roll my eyes as Delia handed me the phone and gave me one of her half stressed, half ashamed looks before bolting out the door. She hadn’t bothered to explain her abrupt departure. There was no need. We had been through this same scenario at least once every other week since the local employment coach had referred her to me.