Freshwater Pro 2019 at Surf Ranch in Lemoore

by Steven Sanchez

For the second year, the best professional surfers from all the over the world came together to compete against each other in the most unlikely place for one to catch a wave...Lemoore. Kelly Slater, arguably the greatest surfer of all time, brought his idea of a wave pool to the Central Valley with the help of his most trusted engineers that was twelve years in the making to bring it to life.

Soul Surfer: Movie Review

by Kristalyn Patzkowski

I love reading books, and one of my favorite books is Bethany Hamilton’s autobiography, Soul Surfer. Now I can also say that one of my favorite movies is the big-screen adaption, which goes by the same name. The main reason why I consider this movie to be one of my favorites, is that it exemplifies the international inspiration Bethany Hamilton has been since her shark attack.