Strolling the Town

Strolling the Town: Toastmasters

by Tom Sims

If strolling is your thing and if you like meeting new people, there will be no excuses for being sedentary or lonely after you read this article. If you live in or around Fresno, pick a day of the week and there is a place to gather with friendly people, exchange ideas, and be supported in your own growth.
I am not referring to a self-help group like A.A.
I am referring to Toastmasters!

Strolling A Forgotten Corridor

by Tom Sims

The first definition of a stroll at Dictionary.Com was not adequate for my purposes this weekend, “… to walk leisurely as inclination directs; ramble; saunter; take a walk …”
So, I took the second, “to wander or rove from place to place; roam …” That is because I walked a bit and drove a bit. It was just supposed to be a stroll, mostly by car, down a “forgotten” corridor of Fresno. I was going to mark and note some beautiful sites along the way where beauty is often overlooked.

What If Fresno Were Not Fragmented? A Stroll Through the Core of the City

by Tom Sims

Recently, local religious congregations were treated to the following announcement from a local group of religious communities called “Faith in Community:”
"Do you believe that every life in our beloved city of Fresno matters? As people of faith, we know that all people are created in the image of God and that every life has inherent worth and dignity. We are facing some immense challenges - we have the nation's highest concentration of poverty, second-highest metropolitan poverty level overall in the country, a 20 year difference in the life expectancy between Southwest and Northeast Fresno, and 8 of California’s 10 riskiest, most toxic neighborhoods."

Strolling The Town: Sunday on the Fulton Mall

by Tom Sims

There’s a dirty little sixteen letter word floating around the streets. Sixteen divided by four makes four 4-letter words. It is “re-gentrification.”
Lots of people bristle at the word and the concept and there are class struggles that grow up around it. Those struggles may or may not be necessary or valid and there are well intentioned people with mixed motives on both sides, but I am not a sociologist in this particular hat. I am a stroller out for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon on the Fulton Mall in Fresno. City Council has done its business and now I am doing mine – strolling.

Strolling The Town: The Taste of Joy in a Cup–Kuppa Joy in Clovis

by Tom Sims

There are several things you notice when you walk through the door of Kuppa Joy on Clovis Avenue in Old Town Clovis. One is that there are people present, working, conversing, and sipping coffees and teas in a welcoming atmosphere that is rustic and contemporary. You notice that there is community gathering in the room creating community.