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Sparkle Abbey

by Cynthia Chow

As the owner of Orange County’s Bow Wow Boutique, it only makes sense that the purveyor of pet couture would experience the outdoors through the recent trend known as “glamping.” Even though Melinda Langston would be participating in the Laguna Beach Animal Rescue League’s fundraiser Glamping Under the Stars By the Sea, in a luxury RV, and parked in a manmade park oasis, she’s not going willingly. Addison Rae, cutthroat aspiring pet chef, is blackmailing Mel into attending as well as writing a forward for Addison’s upcoming cookbook.


by Cyntha Chow
& Sparkle Abbey

In Laguna Beach, California, registered pets outnumber children, making it the perfect location for Carolina “Caro” Lamont, a pet therapist who counsels problem animals at the request of their often-overindulgent human parents. Although recent events should have Caro accustomed to stumbling across a body or two, she’s unprepared when a trip to drop off her office neighbor’s cat results instead in the discovery of his business partner’s body.


by Cynthia Chow

Gambling, illegal drugs, brawling by competitors…who would have predicted that Dachshund racing could be so brutal? Melinda Langston thought her Miss America background prepared her for excessive levels of competition but it was unlike the lengths a dog owner will go to have their pup win. The Laguna Beach Dachshund Dash was supposed to be a way for Mel to promote her Bow Wow Boutique booth, selling dog paw-lish for nails, doggy shoes and boots, and other custom designed doggy wear.


by Cynthia Chow

There is little doubt that the Greyhound rescue organization, Greys Matter, was calling their all-gray dress code fundraiser a Fifty Shades of Greyhound Charity Ball in order to cash in on the fervor for the popular book. However, the worthwhile charity group has been instrumental in saving racing greyhounds who were once put to sleep at the end of their careers even though they could have lived for another ten more years or more. For Caro Lamont, a trained therapist and Laguna Beach Professional Animal Wellness Specialist (PAWS), this is a cause close to her heart.


by Sunny Frazier

Welcome to a new column for KRL. Once a month I will announce upcoming mysteries by some of your favorite authors and introduce you to new authors on the scene. I want to help you fill your TBR pile and Kindle with great reads!
Left Coast Crime Monterey is happening March 20-23. Dubbed “Calamari Crime,” I’m giving you a preview of authors who will be attending this year.


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