We Were Slaves: A Thought Provoking Short Story

by Ilene Schneider

The man standing in the middle of the sidewalk blocking other pedestrians would have been handsome had his dark face not been contorted by rage as he screamed at the young boy. The man’s well-trimmed beard with its scattering of grey, his black hair curling around the edges of his lavishly jeweled turban, his beautifully tailored clothing told of his aristocratic lineage.

Freedom Week: End Slavery in the Central Valley

by Brandi Nuse- Villegas

February 19 through 26 has been declared Freedom Week: End Slavery in the Central Valley by local organizations and the City of Fresno. Along with Central Valley Justice Coalition, its co-sponsors, Faith.Hope.Love, EOC Sancuary Youth Services, Central Valley Freedom Coalition, and We Are One, a growing number of groups and churches are partnering together to educate, inspire, and mobilize people in the Central Valley to address the issue of human trafficking, or modern day slavery, in our communities.