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Arthritic Senior Husky Surrendered Twice

by Nou Her

In March, 2012, Valley Animal Center rescued a litter of puppies. Kimana (animal ID: 12969), a Siberian Husky mix, was part of this litter. She was adopted quickly after her rescue, but five years later in April, 2017, she was surrendered by her family back to Valley Animal Center. Her family was moving and the new home would not allow pets. Kimana spent only a few weeks with Valley Animal Center before she was adopted the next month in May.

Bentley Needs a Forever Home

by Lee Juslin

An owner turn-in from a family who had gotten him as a puppy, Bentley had no big health issues when he came into NY/NJ Scottie Rescue. However, he was not up to date on his vaccines and he had several bad teeth that gave his mouth an unpleasant odor. Erica from the rescue took him into the group’s vet. They did a full work-up on Bentley including X-rays to see if there were signs of any hidden masses or problems, and a full blood panel. Bentley passed with flying colors.



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