Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue

Fannie and Farley, a Home for the Holidays

by Lee Juslin

Fannie at three and Farley at five were two beautiful Scotties that were living the good life. They lived with a couple who doted on them and even after the wife developed some health problems, her husband was able to walk and exercise them. Then the husband died rather suddenly and the wife was left with the difficult decision of what was best for Fannie and Farley.

Daisy, a Diamond in the Rough: An Animal Rescue Story

by Lee Juslin

Daisy, a black Scottie girl, came to an elderly couple as a puppy and was living a calm, secure life with her humans until one of them passed away. Then, within four months the second one died. Since no provisions had been made for Daisy’s care, she was left alone in the house. A son, who already had a German Shepherd, did not want to give Daisy a home and a daughter wanted nothing to do with the situation. Eventually, Scottie Rescue was called and Erica, together with her partner Judy, who had agreed to foster Daisy, made plans to get her.