Together Forever We Two

by Lee Juslin

Jamison and Jaybee are two miniature Schnauzers looking for their forever home. They are very bonded so must be placed together. In fact, Dalton, their foster dad, says he has never seen two dogs more attached, and he has fostered a lot of dogs for Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

by Lee Juslin

When Cody was turned into a New York City shelter by his owners, the shelter thought he was a Wheaten Scottie. So, they sent pictures to Scottie Rescue of Greater New York. Meanwhile, the shelter kept him isolated to avoid his picking up kennel cough and other illnesses, which are common in shelters. When the rescue agreed to take him, the shelter had him vetted and brought up to date on his vaccines. They, then, delivered him to Erica, a volunteer with the rescue.

Shatzie Sees the Light

by Maria Ruiz

In some ways, dogs are like children. If you have more than one, one will become your favorite. I know parents try not to have favorites and won’t admit it, but it happens, usually to the one that is least able to fend for himself.

Jarret, A Diamond in the Ruff

by Lee Juslin

Jarret is either a Schnauzer mix or, what dog people call, a natural Schnauzer, because his ears have not been docked and are floppy. The tail, however, has been docked. At about three years old, Jarret has been with NY/NJ Scottie rescue for one year. He was pulled from a New York City shelter that determined he was a Scottie so they called NY/NJ Scottie Rescue.

Lost Dog

by Maria Ruiz

“He’s gone! Oh my God.” I yelled as I looked at the open gate. My little, eight year old dog had left small muddy paw prints on the sidewalk.

Doing all the Wrong Things: A Travel Adventure In Guatemala

by Maria Ruiz

“Oh my God, what’s that?” I yelled, as the cab of the motor home filled with steam.
“Oh f…” answered my husband, as our motor home came to an abrupt stop, landing on a slant in the middle of nowhere!
We had entered Guatemala thirty five days ago with a thirty day visa. On day twenty-four, we visited a market several miles from Antigua where we were camping.



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