Santa Cruz

Going Green Santa Cruz Style

by Christina Morgan Cree

Earth Day is a big deal around here. It’s not just one day out of the year to raise awareness and make new environmentally friendly resolutions, it’s a celebration of a way of life and proclamation of deep convictions. We care about the planet and believe every individual’s actions make a difference.

The Santa Cruz Coffee Experience: Five Variations on a Theme

by Christina Morgan Cree

Self- proclaimed coffee “connoisseurs”, “geeks” and “aficionados” abound in Santa Cruz. They don’t just want an expertly crafted and unique cup of coffee, they want an atmosphere in which they can savor both good coffee and good conversation. Santa Cruz offers several different experiences for those who want it all: a thoughtfully designed space and a unique or maybe daring take on their most favorite beverage.

Santa Cruz Staycation: Where the locals go to get away

by Christina Morgan Cree

Santa Cruz has many spots that, because of their beauty and very low (or no) cost, are favorites among the locals. Most of these can be visited for free or for a slight fee if you choose to park in the parking lot. Go for an hour or two, or bring a picnic and hang out longer-and they’re all great for photo ops. (And they’re family friendly if you’ve got kids in tow).

Where the Locals Eat in Santa Cruz

by Christina Morgan Cree

Sunny, mild weather and ocean breezes; a love of the environment and local art and a laid back feeling of “what’s the hurry”--people in Santa Cruz take time to enjoy their surroundings. Downtown, you’re likely to run into a variety of characters on Pacific Garden Mall, the outdoor shopping area that runs mainly on Pacific Ave, which has adopted the motto of “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” (t-shirts are available at Bookshop Santa Cruz). On any given day you will run into students, professionals, hippies who never made the transition to yuppie, surfers of all ages, intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals and street performers.