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Santa Barbara

by Maria Ruiz

Ernesto kicked the wet sand. A cold breeze ruffled his collar and fog collected on his hair and eyebrows. He looked out toward the dark, cold and uninviting Pacific Ocean as it lapped along the beach on a cold June morning in Santa Barbara. Why would a big American company want this lonely, cold beach?


by Maria Ruiz

I was playing in the surf on the beach in Santa Barbara. The morning fog had cleared and it was a perfect day. Cool in the shade of the giant eucalyptus trees and warm in the sun. I was glad I had gotten away by myself and not had to drag my sister along. She could be a real pain in the butt when she whined. Today I was free.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

One of the first bands that we ever interviewed at KRL was Loomis & the Lust–a band from Santa Barbara who was performing at Starline in Fresno. Since then we’ve stayed in contact with them and are happy to see them back on the music and video scene after several changes and some down time. Their new EP, Sports Suck, was released earlier this year. We took some time recently to chat with Will Loomis and catch up.


The Spanish Lesson

IN THE January 14 ISSUE

FROM THE 2012 Articles,
andHometown History,
andMaria Ruiz

by Maria Ruiz

I walked into the classroom as a teacher for the first time with a knot in my stomach. How am I going to perform as a teacher? Can I really teach? What if I can’t? Will they find out I’m a fraud? This was my first job after college and I hoped I could do it.


by Maria Ruiz

The war was over and the men fighting in Europe were eager to go home. Manuel Ruiz had fought in Italy; in mud holes, in villages, in his own hell. Slowly the men got transportation to the ships that would carry them back home. Arriving in New York, they were given some money and train tickets. All the families had been notified and would be there to greet them. Manuel was tired and promised himself that he would never leave Santa Barbara again.


by Maria Ruiz

In honor of the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown, being run this Saturday, we decided to post a historical article that involved a horse!


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