Rogue Festival 2019

The Kings River Life Guide to the 2019 Fresno Rogue Festival

by Terrance McArthur

For 17 years, February and March have brought crowds to Fresno’s Tower District for the Rogue Festival, where dozens of performers and groups from the Valley and beyond show what they can do in makeshift venues for sometimes-soaked audiences. Now, it’s time for Rogue XVIII, from February 28 to March 9, a cornucopia of theatre, music, dance, magic, stand-up, and acts that defy description!

Rogue Show Preview: Kathleen Denny Brings Tolerance?! to Rogue 2019

by Kathleen Denny

Every single time Kat looks up from her machine, she sees that pinup calendar with a gal who is NOT demonstrating ANY kind of mechanical technique! And it is just the start of her eight hour shift. But is it really worth the trouble? Kat is the first woman machinist that an airline hired since the 1970s. It’s years before Anita Hill tells the world about Clarence Thomas and Long John Silver, and most people have never even heard the term “sexual harassment.” What happens when Rosie the Riveter meets #MeToo?

Rogue Show Preview: Klondike Kate’s Sourdough Reunion Show

by Nat Vickers

At one point in history, almost every major North American city boasted a Pantages theatre, a lavish affair that featured the best of touring theatre and Vaudeville. The empire of theatres was built, in name, by magnate Alexander Pantages, a Greek immigrant who had ostensibly struck it rich in the Klondike gold rush, and returned south able to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an artist. But…that wasn’t the whole story.

My Rogue Story

by Mallory Moad

The Rogue is headed this way, look out! This annual nine-day, fringe-style festival showcases the work of independent artists from around the world, and Fresno’s Tower District becomes a hub of theater, dance, music, spoken word, puppetry and just about anything else you can think of.