Rogue Festival 2013

Rogue Show Reviews 2013

by KRL Staff

It's time for Rogue Festival reviews! Instead of one post for each review, as we review the various shows we will add their review here so keep coming back for more! So far we have reviews of Moonlight and Love Songs (Mostly) with Scats On The Sly, Boxcar Figaro, Never Own Anything You Have To Paint Or Feed, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Loon, Psyche Savage & All My Ghosts, Pipe On The Hob, Gary Has A Date, Gary Has A Date, Answers!!! (or Something Similar), Magical Mystery Detour, If I Could Tell Me, The Secret Adventures of Fat Woman and Remedial Girl, Christmas In Bakersfield, The Chaser, More Power To Your Knitting, Cathedral City, Circus Emporium Roadshow with Circus Et Cetera!, Songs 4 Pints,2000 to 2010, The Road To High Street and Dancing With Demons. Also at the end of this post is a fun little poem by the marathon reviewer himself Terrance Mc Arthur!

Rogue Is Here!

by Terrance Mc Arthur

The 12th annual Rogue Performance Festival kicked off Thursday. Instead of showcasing a selection of performers on a makeshift stage, the Rogue acts strutted their stuff on the stage of the Tower Theatre! Old favorites, new discoveries, and old friends in new material all gave a taste of what audiences will see over the next nine days.

Magical Mystery Detour: Rogue 2013

by Madeleine Ocean

9 TIME BEST-OF-FEST AWARD WINNER, Gemma Wilcox (from London, UK), returns for her fourth Rogue Fest with a sparkling new one-woman multi-character show, exploring the unexpected twists and turns of life, love and being on the road...
In Magical Mystery Detour, Wilcox plays 25+ characters (Human, Furry, Feathered, Mythical and Steel!). It is humorous, moving and highly original piece of physical theatre.

The Chaser: Rogue 2013

by Bremner Duthie

My Rogue Festival show - The Chaser - at the Starline Theatre - was inspired by a story about the last night of Vaudeville and a quote from the infamous Sophie Tucker. Sophie was one of the most famous performers of the first half of the 20th Century; she was called, 'The Last of the Red Hot Mamas'. Vaudeville was the most popular entertainment in North America for decades, but when film and radio came along, Vaudeville began to decline. The last Vaudeville theatre shifted to playing movies on the 16th of November 1932. That was the end of Vaudeville and the end of a livelihood for thousands of performers.

The Secret Adventures of Fat Woman & Remedial Girl: Rogue 2013

by Sarah J. Lau

My journey to the Rogue Festival began over a decade ago when I started a short story code-named “Crazy Grandma” that eventually became The Secret Adventures of Fat Woman & Remedial Girl, a literary novel dealing with issues of life, death, and madness narrated by a not-so-bright eleven-year old with the vocabulary of a second-grader. It also contained a lot of poop jokes. By the time I hit the eighth year and the fourth draft, I realized my book might never be published.