Rogue Festival 2012

Tony Imperatrice: Confessions of a Church Organist At Rogue 2012

by Tony Imperatrice

At the Rogue Festival, 2006, I saw a show called It’s OK to Like Porn. In that show, Aaron Bonilla told the story of his adventures working in an adult bookstore. After the show, it occurred to me that churches are a lot like adult bookstores, they are filled with interesting people. Most people who go to church have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. After 30 plus years I have seen it all, from fist fighting wedding parties to schizophrenic nuns.

Kristie Francis :Kristie with a K At Rogue 2012

by Kristie Francis

Come on in and meet some of my friends!
Essentially, that’s what I’ll be sharing with everyone at each of my Rogue performances: a chance to get acquainted with all sorts of people: misguided, earnest, annoying, enthusiastic, cautious, insightful, exasperated, risqué, disorganized, affectionate, clueless, gutsy, timid, loyal, devious, and hopelessly confused.

Rogue Festival 2012!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

It's nearly time for Fresno's Rogue Festival 2012 which will take place March 1 through 10. Recently I had the chance to speak with one of the Festival's producers, Renee "Solitaire" Newlove, about this year's event. I also spoke with a few of the performers who will be there this year. So enjoy this intro to our Rogue coverage and watch for several more articles and reviews over the next couple of weeks!



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