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Rogue 2018

by Grant Knutson

Come party with the artists!
That was the idea behind my live game show, Fringe Factor: Rogue Edition. I want to throw a party onstage and invite the audience. I want to play lively games and raucous music.


by Joshua Ryan Taylor

The Outdustrial Theatre Company is producing an unusual show this year at the 17th Annual Rogue Festival. Titled ASS or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong, it’s already making waves in the scene.

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by Randy Rutherford

It’s the mid seventies in Alaska; I’m a folksinger in my early twenties, making 150 bucks a night headlining at the Fancy Moose Saloon. I’m driving a bright orange Karmann Ghia convertible—probably the only convertible in Alaska—and I’m adored by my beautiful girlfriend, Molly. So I’ve pretty much got it made.


by Alexandra Tiscareno

Nothing is Beautiful; Everything is Fine was born around this time last year. I was struggling to survive through my everyday life and found myself constantly thinking about how I could open up to people about what I was feeling. The thought of vulnerability and vocalizing what my brain was telling me was absolutely terrifying.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

We always enjoy the opportunity to get to know members of the arts and entertainment community better, whether it be through local actor/director/artist/musician profiles or q and a’s. It is fun and interesting to get to know each performer as more than just some person on a stage entertaining us.


Rogue Performer Preview: Hi. (Entering Burned Area)

IN THE February 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2018 Articles,

by Áine Donnelly

Who, me? Complain? Why, whatever for? Just because I had just taken yet another job I should never have even considered? But, just look at me now! I get to ride a nice, free shuttle to my job where I have my very own office in the swankiest environment I have ever worked.


by Madelaine Ocean

20 TIME BEST-OF-FEST AWARD WINNER, Gemma Wilcox (from London, UK), returns for her 9th Rogue Festival with her one-woman, multi-character Rogue 2013 hit show, exploring the unexpected twists and turns of life, love, and being on the road…


by Tony & Aileen Imperatrice

Life can take a variety of twists and turns that lead us to some amazing adventures. This past year Aileen and I went on the adventure of a lifetime when she donated a kidney so that I could receive a transplant. During this year’s Rogue Festival we will be telling you all about it in a humorous and poignant “he said, she said” narrative.


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