Guy Beard and the Lunch Wagon Romeos: Rockabilly Dynamos

by Sarah Peterson

Guy Beard may be the front-man for Guy Beard and the Lunch Wagon Romeos, but there actually is no Guy Beard. “He’s more of an archetype,” says Ron Morse, lead vocalist for Fresno’s rockabilly band of four. “He’s the invisible fifth member of the band.” But it’s the group’s four corporeal members (drummer John Shafer, Scats on the Sly bassist Martin Hansen, keyboardist-guitarist-vocalist Leland Vanderpoel, and Morse, who also plays guitar) who make up the real heart and soul of the Lunch Wagon Romeos. “We’ve been jamming together as the Romeos for about two years now,” Morse says. “Our first gig was my 50th birthday party, and about a week later, we played Tokyo Garden.”