Ryan Dean and the Bricktops: a Local Band Profile

by Sarah Peterson

The South Valley’s Ryan Dean and the Bricktops with vocalist/guitarist Ryan Dean, guitarist John Bell, bassist Mario Teixeira, and drummer Matt Hopson, are kicking off the New Year with their first Fresno show tonight (January 16) at Audie’s Olympic. Kings River Life caught up with Ryan Dean on the eve of the Audiepalooza 2016 All Star Western to discuss the band’s origins and their bright future ahead.

Saving Temperance: Local Band Video Interview & Performance

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Earlier this year KRL profiled Kingsburg band Saving Temperance and reviewed their latest EP. This past week we got the chance to catch up with them, learn about their new EP out early next year, and have them be our first local band video performance & interview! Hope you enjoy and keep checking back for updates, concert info and a review of the new EP once it's released.

Loomis & The Lust: New Members & New EP Sports Suck

by Lorie Lewis Ham

One of the first bands that we ever interviewed at KRL was Loomis & the Lust--a band from Santa Barbara who was performing at Starline in Fresno. Since then we've stayed in contact with them and are happy to see them back on the music and video scene after several changes and some down time. Their new EP, Sports Suck, was released earlier this year. We took some time recently to chat with Will Loomis and catch up.

Nightwolf: Local Band Profile

by Zachariah Zendejas

It has been said that a thing, whatever the thing, is more than the sum of its parts; still, looking at those parts does help. Nightwolf is the summation of great talent and a great connection between the members which helps propel the sound and lyrics into the hearts and minds of their audience.

Pawn: Local Band Profile

by Stephanie Barnett

Ever since I was little, I've always loved music. Loved everything about it, from rock-n-roll, to country to indie, heavy metal, and classical, though rock is my passion. I always love finding new bands and seeing what I like most about their music. When I was asked to write about the Visalia band Pawn, I wasn't sure what to expect, would they be classic rock, hard rock, metal, or something totally different?