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Rhys Bowen

Three British Mysteries for Christmas

IN THE December 21 ISSUE

FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andSharon Tucker

by Sharon Tucker

I’m a little envious of a couple of my friends who will be in London this Christmas season. I have been there during early spring and again in summer, but have always dreamed of having a British Christmas on the Isle itself. I consider making a plum pudding every year in December, but just don’t want to face boiling anything in cheesecloth. I’d love to have roast Christmas goose, Christmas punch, and play the Minister’s Cat with a witty group of Brits, but my dream has not materialized thus far.


by Sharon Tucker
& Rhys Bowen

Heirs and Graces is the seventh adventure with Lady Georgiana Rannoch, and as it begins both Georgina and the reader are sorely put upon. Georgiana’s insouciant, self-absorbed mother has decided that she should write her memoirs and that Georgiana is just the one to take dictation and transcribe the scandalous and duchy-toppling adventures as the former Duchess of Rannoch and Glengarry. How Georgina eludes this thankless task (and avoids becoming homeless as a result) requires the intervention of Queen Mary, Elizabeth II’s grandmother, in case you aren’t familiar with the series’ time frame.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

It is 1904. In a handful of years, Molly Murphy has escaped Ireland after fighting off a lecherous landowner, been a murder suspect on Ellis Island, become a private investigator, met bohemian artists and playwrights (and magician Harry Houdini and anarchist Emma Goldman), and married an Irish-American police detective, Daniel Sullivan…and now she’s in The Family Way, Rhys Bowen’s 12th in the Molly Murphy series. It definitely meets the high standards of other installments of the series.


by Ted Feit

Finally! Molly Murphy and Capt. Daniel Sullivan get married and are on their honeymoon, only to be interrupted on the second day when Dan is recalled to duty to investigate a tunnel which collapsed during the building of the new subway. To make up for the break, Alderman Brian Hannan, (also the owner of the construction company building the underground) offers Dan use of a guest cottage on his Newport estate, at the same time telling him he wants to discuss something, adding “he may have got it wrong.” Of course, “it” is not reveal


by Terrance Mc Arthur
& Rhys Bowen

The Twelve Clues of Christmas is a rollicking romp through the holidays as Lady Georgianna Rannoch (Georgie), thirty-fifth in line to the British Crown, tries to escape a dreary Scottish winter with her brother’s in-laws by working as a hostess at an estate in Devonshire…where her mother is working on a play with Noel Coward…and her ex-copper grandfather is helping out…and the passionate Darcy O’Mara is taking a break from his possibly-espionage-related activities to visit his aunt: Georgie’s employer.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

An Apple for the Creature is a new anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and her partner in the paranormal-collection business, Toni L.P. Kelner. I love this book, but I’ll tell you what’s going to happen on Amazon and other review sites.


by Gloria & Theodore Feit

We don’t have a movie review today so thought it would be fun to provide some more reading suggestions for your holiday and the beginning of fall. Some of these are brand new books coming out this month, and others are from earlier this year.

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by Lorie Lewis Ham & Terell Byrd

Mystery author Rhys Bowen will be speaking at the San Joaquin Sisters In Crime meeting in Fresno on Saturday, October 1-for more info check out their event page. She took some time to speak with us here at KRL and Terell Byrd reviews her latest book, Naughty In Nice. At the end of this article is a chance to enter to win a copy of Naughty In Nice.


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