Reedley Police Department

A Look Behind the Badge With Reedley Police Officer Marisela Delgado

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Many years ago when I was writing for the Reedley Exponent I did a series of articles getting to know the officers of the Reedley Police Department. I decided it was time to do a version of that here at KRL as we chat with two of Reedley’s female officers over the next few weeks. This week we are chatting with Officer Marisela Delgado from Fresno.

Sunnyside Bicycles: Reedley Police Appreciation Ride

by Vanessa McCracken

Our Reedley bike shop was broken into in early February. The thief smashed a window and grabbed the $2,000 bike we had on display, and ran. Moments like this rip my heart out. In less than a minute, this person cost me thousands of dollars (windows aren’t cheap), and thousands of tears. Anyone who is self-employed knows how hard it is to run a healthy, viable business.

Reedley PD Trying To Expand K9 Program

by Sergeant Johnathan Cates, of the Reedley P.D.

The Reedley Police Department is attempting to expand its K9 program to include cross trained dogs. Our current program is made up solely of a narcotics detection dog (Baxter) and the handling officer. Cross trained police dogs are not only able detect narcotics, but can also be used as a protection dog. These highly trained “officers” have the ability to track scent trails and use force when necessary against aggressive suspects.

Reedley Peace Building Initiative: Implementing Restorative Justice

by Lt. Marc Ediger

In a society with an ever increasing burden on our Criminal Justice System, we are pushed toward finding solutions that will enhance our communities, not continue to allow them to deteriorate. The Reedley Police Department has taken the step to look toward alternate solutions while embracing the philosophy of restorative justice and community as a whole.