Reedley College

Reedley College Instructor Spotlight: David Hicks, Ceramic Artist

by Jim Mulligan

While his full-time job may be passing along the basics of his artistic and practical craft to students of all ages at Reedley College, David Hicks relishes in taking the bits and pieces of organic inspiration found in the Central Valley and creating both monolithic pieces and conglomerations of smaller parts with his medium of choice, inorganic clay.

Reedley’s Native People Being Recognized

by Jim Mulligan

The simultaneous, yet conflicting, demoralization and romanticism of the Native Peoples of the Americas throughout modern American history is a fascinating and sad phenomenon. They were often portrayed as savages, attacking the pioneers heading west to claim their virgin land under Manifest Destiny. Yet, many amateur genealogists lay claim to Native American inheritance.

New, Free, Course Options Abound at Reedley College

by Jim Mulligan

Whether you are a Reedleyite or a resident of one of the surrounding towns, you know how great it is to have a community college right in our backyard. Since 1926 Reedley College has provided higher education for residents of the South Valley and beyond. Like so many of you, Reedley College is an integral part of my family’s educational history. Four generations of Mulligans are alumni; my grandmother in the early ‘40s, my parents, me, and several of my kids, all got our post-secondary start as a Tiger.

Reedley College Football: Head Coach Rob Hartenfels

by Jim Mulligan

Reedley College has a newly appointed full-time, permanent, head football coach. Rob Hartenfels, while only recently chosen for the permanent position, has been at the helm of the Tiger’s football program for the last year. He also put in some time on staff as an assistant with the prior head coach. Additionally, Coach Hartenfels has an extensive experience in college coaching despite his relatively young age.

From Honduran Air Force to Reedley College

by Jim Mulligan

On a regular afternoon in the bustling capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Cathy Luque was walking with her young one-year-old son. They were approached by a man, a known local drug dealer, on a motorbike who buzzed right up to them and offered her some chilling advice, “You better make sure to take good care of the kid.” After that, it didn’t take long for 1st Lieutenant Captain Select Jaime Luque and his wife Cathy to decide they needed to make a drastic change.

KCUSD Teacher Spotlight: Kirby Kauk

by Jim Mulligan

If you love the settings of movies like The Horse Whisperer or A River Runs Through It, you have likely dreamt of living in the wilds of one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.A.: Big Sky Country—Montana. At least during the summer months, it seems like an idyllic place to live, be a kid, and experience rural life to the fullest. No one would argue that growing up in suburban towns, urban centers, and even the mega metropolis of a place like New York City don’t give folks these unique opportunities and perspectives.

Reedley College Instructor Jenny Peters: Her Students Are Her Inspiration

by Jim Mulligan

If you’ve attended any local sporting events in the last few years, or been to a birthday party with some amazing cupcakes, or taken a Communication class at Reedley College anytime within the last 25 years, you may very well have made the acquaintance of Jenny Peters. Peters is an exuberant sports fan, especially when one of her kids is on the field or in the pool representing Reedley High School and Reedley College.

Reedley College Presidential Spotlight: Dr. Jerry Buckley

by Jim Mulligan

It was just over a year ago that the 20th president in Reedley College history took the reins, ready to guide our local gem of a school into the ‘20s of the 21st century. After a short talk with him, it became readily apparent that, at least for this president, leaders are not necessarily born, but are molded by life’s experiences. This president speaks in a strong, steady tone, not brash or hasty, about his long and varied professional career that prepared him for his current job. He had no early sights on leading a college.

Reedley College Instructor Spotlight: Dr. Kirk Kawagoe

by Jim Mulligan

As the Tutorial Coordinator, my paid job, I have the pleasure of working with many of the instructors at Reedley College. The relationships I have with the instructors are essential to finding qualified and interested students to become peer tutors. A side benefit is the opportunity to get to know these hardworking, dedicated individuals who help students discover the joy of learning. As a Reedley College alum myself, I know and remember the influence that instructors had on me and my motivation to achieve my academic goals.



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