Reedley College Tigers

Reedley College Football: Head Coach Rob Hartenfels

by Jim Mulligan

Reedley College has a newly appointed full-time, permanent, head football coach. Rob Hartenfels, while only recently chosen for the permanent position, has been at the helm of the Tiger’s football program for the last year. He also put in some time on staff as an assistant with the prior head coach. Additionally, Coach Hartenfels has an extensive experience in college coaching despite his relatively young age.

Reedley College Football 2015 Game 9 Recap

by Larry Ham

The Reedley College Tigers lost a heartbreaker Saturday night, falling to Hartnell College 23-20 in Salinas.
Tiger quarterback Austen Bray threw an interception with less than a minute to play that allowed Hartnell to try a game winning field goal. The kick was wide left, but the Reedley coaches called a timeout just before the snap, so Hartnell’s kicker was able to try it again and kicked it through the uprights from 43 yards out for the win.

Reedley College Football 2015 Game 5 Recap

by Larry Ham

My wife (and the editor of KRL) has asked me often why I love sports so much. The great thing about a sporting event is that every one is a fresh drama – and you never know how it will turn out. The ups and downs of following a team can really be a grind, and Saturday’s football game between the Reedley College Tigers and the Fresno City College Rams is a perfect example.



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