Reedley College football

Reedley College Football: Head Coach Rob Hartenfels

by Jim Mulligan

Reedley College has a newly appointed full-time, permanent, head football coach. Rob Hartenfels, while only recently chosen for the permanent position, has been at the helm of the Tiger’s football program for the last year. He also put in some time on staff as an assistant with the prior head coach. Additionally, Coach Hartenfels has an extensive experience in college coaching despite his relatively young age.

Interview With Javier Renteria: Director of the Reedley College Athletic Department

by Larry Ham

To have a successful Athletic Department, any school–be it a high school, a junior college or a four year college–has to have a dedicated and hard working Athletic Director. Reedley College is blessed to have one of those people heading their athletic department–Javier Renteria. Javier’s “life journey,” and how he ended up as A.D. at Reedley College is really fascinating. He shared that story with me recently.

Reedley College Football 2012 Game 8 Recap

by Larry Ham

Golfers call it “The Click”. It’s the moment when all the practice comes together and you suddenly realize your swing is perfect, and you can make the golf ball do anything you want. The Reedley College Tigers may very well have felt the football version of “The Click” Saturday night in Coalinga, when they played perhaps their finest game in the past three years, defeating West Hills College 42-24.