Red Caboose Cafe

The Best of Great Food Search 2014

by Terrance Mc Arthur

2014 has been a delicious year for The Great Food Search. I have discovered the joys of Vietnamese pho, soups, salads, and chicken chains, visited new favorites where old favorites used to be, and found good eating where I least expected it (Chinese food in Orange Cove?). My top five restaurants of 2014 are places I went to review…and returned to enjoy…and enjoy…and….

Great Food Search: Red Caboose Cafe

by Terrance Mc Arthur

It was November, and the Great Food Search was getting desperate. What to review? What to review? Was there some new style of food to discover, an exciting restaurant opening, or any idea that hadn’t been beaten to death? I needed to feed my wife and not travel too far. I drove to the spot where leaving Sanger becomes going to Clovis–Shaw and Academy, and there, in a micro-mini-strip mall, is The Red Caboose Café.



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