R.P. Dahlke

Hiding in Plain Sight By R.P. Dahlke: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& R.P. Dahlke

After thirty years of living in an unhappy and abusive marriage, Mai-Lin Song is ready to place all of her hopes in a vial promising her regained youth and beauty. What pushes her over the edge and desperate enough to take the fortune teller’s potion is an anonymous phone call informing her that her husband was taking an offer from witness protection and leaving her behind at the mercy of his criminal bosses. With Feds, criminals, and then an apartment fire trapping her in, downing the wish-fulfilling potion seems like an easy choice.

Hurricane Hole By R.P. Dahlke

by Diana Hockley

Leila Stanford, daytime “soap” actress, is awaiting the outcome of negotiations for renewal of her contract. She decides to take a sailing holiday on the boat belonging to her and sister, Kate. Leila’s mistake is to take family friend and fugitive from justice, the light-fingered Gabe Alexander along as crew, because now she can’t get rid of him! When they arrive at Puerto Felice, Leila tries to shed Gabe, but he is having none of it.



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