Queer Mystery

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: November 2023

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

Recently I was at a book festival representing my publishing company. There was a mix of bookish people; authors selling their own books, cover designers, used booksellers, independent booksellers, and artsy people selling bookmarks, posters, and other literary pieces of art. I had a great time talking to people interested in the books published by ReQueered Tales and wandering around the booths to see what else was being sold. I may have snapped up quite a few interesting art pieces, books, and information regarding the other dealers.

Queer Mysteries Coming Attractions: August 2023

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

I was reminiscing with a coworker the other day about the different celebrities I have met over the years. And I promise this is not a name-dropping-ooo-look-at-me-I’m-friends-with-celebrities article. The celebrities I have met were at comic cons and book signings with any interaction lasting less than five minutes. But, it is fun sometimes how much interaction one can get in five minutes or less … My friend James would make an amusing comment about other interesting interactions that take five minutes, but this is a high-brow column in a respectable mystery magazine.

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: April 2023

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

A friend of mine messaged me the other day almost in tears because an author they love and adore replied to their email in a contemptuous way. My friend is a fan of male/male romances which are very commonly written by straight women for straight women, and the author in question has a very feminine name and looks very feminine, and therefore, my friend made the assumption that the author in question is female. Hell, I made the assumption the author was female.