Happy Birthday Pyrex!

by Diana Bulls

Pyrex, one of the most popular kitchen collectibles ever, turned 100 years old in May. I love Pyrex, and I’m not alone; there are literally hundreds of collectors out there. My favorite piece is a red “Hostess Dish” with lid, followed by my Mom’s primary colored mixing bowls (both from the 1940s). I first wrote about Pyrex back in 2012 (Pyrex: A Kitchen Staple Since 1915), but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pay homage again to “America’s Favorite Dish.”

PYREX: A Kitchen Staple Since 1915

by Diana Bulls

When I think about my mother at work in the kitchen, there are a few kitchen icons that immediately come to mind: a set of primary colored mixing bowls, a fancy covered casserole dish with a stand, and a set of clear glass custard cups. I mean, it was impossible to make cookies without the large yellow mixing bowl and the green one was the perfect size for macaroni salad.



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