Back to the Future (of Gaming): Fresno’s GoBack Gaming

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

There’s a new game in town—a game store, that is! Fresno’s Tower District is now home to GoBack Gaming, a throwback game shop big on 90s nostalgia and classic trading card games. Kings River Life caught up with owners Victor Gutierrez and Yvonne Stever to chat about Pokémon, the 90s heyday of trading cards, and the future of going back.

Crazy Squirrel Games and Toys

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Board and card games have become more popular again over the last several years. People want to do things together with friends and family in real life, not just on the computer. Interestingly, a lot of people during the pandemic even started playing board and card games on Zoom as a way to feel like they were together with people they couldn’t see in person.

Jessica’s Video Game Gift Ideas

by Jessica Ham

The holiday season for video games is like the summer is for movies, it is a big deal and what the industry spends all of their time preparing for. The holidays are stressful not just for the video game industry, but for those buying gifts for their loved ones. So here is a guide on what games to buy them for Christmas.