Phyllis Johnson

Waffles, a Great Breakfast Treat

by Phyllis Johnson

Whether it’s summer or winter, waffles make a satisfying breakfast. With the waffle makers available now, it’s really a foolproof item to cook. My husband bought the type you see in hotels and it turns out perfect waffles. A buzzer rings when it’s time to pop it open to reveal an evenly cooked and browned waffle, ready for your choice of syrup.

Mystery & Fantasy Books To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

by Diana, Terell, Terrance & Sandra

Since we're all running around trying to think of the perfect gifts for friends and family, KRL thought what's more perfect than a book! So here are some suggestions for some great mystery & fantasy books that would make perfect gifts! And as a bonus, we are also giving away copies of 4 of the 5 books below!