Joel Pickford – The Next Generation of Light with an Eye on Fresno and Beyond

by Tom Sims

You can stroll through Fresno, veer off to the mountains and cities of Laos, and never leave your chair. As long as local photographer, cinematographer, and author, Joel Pickford is your guide, you can travel far and experience new worlds through his keen eye. What you see through his eye, is a combination of lights and images that evoke awareness, emotion, and a call to notice.

Sit. Stay. Smile!: Pet Portraits As Christmas Gifts!

by Sandra Murphy

As every dog lover learns early on, you can’t grab a camera and focus faster than your pup can put a nose print on the lens or become a retreating backside. Cat people fare no better—a cute pose turns into a blur or a hunched-up blob of fur blending in with the rug. How can we get a good picture? Sometimes it’s best to turn to the professionals.

New Season Begins At COS Art Gallery

by Aime Rangel

The College of the Sequoias Art Gallery will be welcoming back students, faculty and the community at large with our first exhibition of the semester, Folding Metaphors, opening Tuesday, August 30th. The opening reception is on Thursday, September 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. Also, there have been a few changes with the gallery including newly extended hours! The exhibit features three nationally known artists.

A Snapshot In Time: Reedley Photographer George Besaw, An Early Pioneer of the Postcard

by Jim Bulls

When was the last time you were at Radio Shack, Best Buy or the electronics department at Wal-Mart? We take computers, laptops and cell phones for granted and something new and revolutionary is introduced almost weekly. Items a year old can be obsolete and grammar school children are more savvy and computer literate than I could ever hope to be.



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