pet travel

Traveling With Westies

by Sheryl Wall

Traveling with Westies is always full of adventures, and traveling with Natisa and Cosette is no exception. They love to go in the car for a quick trip to town or for a longer adventure to San Diego. They even enjoy the rides to the vet or groomers—until we arrive. They are Therapy dogs and when we do visits at senior homes each week, they both try to be the first in the car to go. I think it’s like a competition for them. They will go anywhere with me.

The Dog Lover’s Companion to California: Book Review

by Sheryl Wall

Do you like to travel with your dog but have a hard time finding pet friendly places to stay? It can be a lot of fun taking our pets with us if we just knew where to go. The Dog Lover's Companion to California is a great resource for dog friendly hotels, parks, beaches and more. This book is in sections of counties and they list what each county has to offer for pets and their owners. A map is also included for each section. I also like the humor and the wit of the writer's personality that shows up throughout the pages.