How I Met My Dinner: Passover

by Alicia Lieu

I have been sporadically watching the new hit sitcom Fresh off the Boat which is about a Chinese American family with immigrant parents. It never fails to make me laugh and the latest episode introduced a Chinese boy who was adopted by Jewish parents. It really illustrated differences and similarities between two cultures in a gut-busting hilarious way. Fresh off the Boat is set in Orlando, but one of the wonderful things about living in New York City is the incredible diversity that you encounter every day.

The Bread of Affliction: Passover Mystery Short Story

by Michael A. Kahn

I know a former trial lawyer who gave it up to write courtroom thrillers. He claims he prefers the fictional kind because he gets to control the judge, the lawyers, the witnesses and, best of all, the outcome. I think of him with envy whenever I have to deal with In Re the Estate of Mendel Sofer. It's definitely real, and I've long since lost control. Back in the beginning, back when all I knew was that an 82-year-old widower named Mendel Sofer had died of a heart attack, it had seemed a simple case. Indeed, those were the very words Phil Rosenberg used when he called. "It's a simple case, Rachel," he assured me. "Even better, you'll be doing a mitzvah."

The Dogs Who Didn’t Bark—Dogs and Passover

by Sandra Murphy

Dogs will enjoy a Seder meal, games and prizes at Nature’s Pet Market, Salem, Oregon, Sunday, April 13 from 1- 3 p.m.
Dogs and Seder? Dogs who keep Kosher? Of course. “When the Jews were slaves of the Egyptians, dogs patrolled and barked if anyone tried to escape,” says Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein, director for the Chabad Jewish Center in Salem. “The night of the Exodus, no dog barked. Allowing dogs to take part in a Seder meal and in Passover, is a reward they’ve earned.”

Easter or Passover, Celebrate Well. Eat Healthy

by Pat Eby

When families come together to celebrate the Easter or Passover holidays this spring, favorite family dishes are sure to appear. For Quinn S. and her husband Ray H., an Easter brunch brings three generations from both families to the table. Certain dishes, like Grandma H.’s potato salad and an egg and sausage strata must be on the menu.