Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Margaret Mendel

This year will be the 87th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and it is the biggest annual event NYC has to offer. Millions of people line the streets to see this amazing display, while even more people view the parade on TV. It is a spectacular event that officially brings Santa Claus to town, and when the merchants begin to cry out to the public, “Let the shopping begin!”

History of the Reedley Electric Light Parade-Farm Style

by Jim Bulls

One of the most successful events held by the Reedley Downtown Association, the Electric Farm Equipment Parade, was the brain child of local auctioneer Ed Croissant. Sometime in the fall of 2000, Ed was talking with daughter Daniele, owner of the former Coffee and Candy Shop, about ways to promote Reedley’s downtown for the upcoming holidays.



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