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Orange Cove

by Lorie Lewis Ham

During this time of year we like to feature groups who are making a difference in their community. While looking for such a group this year I found The Community Life Garden, just outside of Reedley. Interested in what exactly they do, I chatted with the Executive Director of Community Life Garden, David Gonzalez.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

Sometimes, it’s new. Sometimes, it’s been there a while, and you just haven’t had a good reason to go there. Sometimes, you never noticed it, before, and you wonder if it popped up overnight, and will magically disappear tomorrow. I tried some of those, lately. Here’s what happened.


KCUSD Celebrates Earth Day


FROM THE 2015 Articles,
andGoing Green,
andLorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Erica Sanchez, an English Language Arts teacher at Orange Cove High School has gotten her students very involved in Earth Day this year. “On Friday, April 10, Annie Shelton—Municipal Coordinator—from Waste Management came to talk to my ninth and tenth grade students about the benefits of recycling,” shared Erica. “The students enjoyed her enthusiasm and knowledge. It was also helpful for the students to learn from someone other than me. They get to see why I am always nagging them to recycle their bottles, can, and paper in my own classroom.”


by Terrance Mc Arthur

2014 has been a delicious year for The Great Food Search. I have discovered the joys of Vietnamese pho, soups, salads, and chicken chains, visited new favorites where old favorites used to be, and found good eating where I least expected it (Chinese food in Orange Cove?). My top five restaurants of 2014 are places I went to review…and returned to enjoy…and enjoy…and….

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by Terrance Mc Arthur

As part of my work for the library, I visit several of the communities on the east side of the Valley, so I look for places to eat, because eating is one of my hobbies (I do it frequently). One restaurant kept coming up on lists of places to try: OC’s China Garden. A Chinese restaurant in Orange Cove? It seemed ridiculous. Then…I tried it.


byTrish Johnson

Here it is 2014 and after 100 years of existence, both the City of Orange Cove and the Orange Cove Women’s Club will be celebrating its centennial. Three service organizations met collectively to plan a special event entitled “BACK IN TIME: A 100 YEARS OF MEMORIES,” which will take place on May 31. The Orange Cove Women’s Club, the Orange Cove Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Orange Cove American Legion have been working diligently to plan a celebration for the people of Orange Cove. With the help of several local packing houses acting as sponsors, these three entities were able to plan this back in time event.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Recently KRL chatted with Kings Canyon Unified School District Administrator of Student Services Mary Carousso about new things happening at KCUSD as the new school year begins, and why they changed the start time for this school year.


What Is A Packing House?


FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andFood Fun

by Zachariah Zendejas

Whenever someone from out of state comes to the Valley, they always ask what a packing shed (or house) is, and many even check into touring one. Even some natives of the Central Valley are a little sketchy on what a packing house is. Whenever you are driving down a road there always seems to be a truck hauling some fruit somewhere.


by Diana Bulls

The tule fog hangs over the Central Valley like a shroud of gray. It’s cold. It’s damp. It’s a typical January. But we have something to look forward to: A harbinger of spring that is particular only to our part of the Valley—the Fresno County Blossom Trail.


Poetry Corner: October winners!

IN THE October 30 ISSUE

FROM THE Jayce Ham,
andTerrific Tales

by Valley Teens

These poems were written by local teens who won our October Teen Talk poetry contest. Many of this month’s poems tie into Halloween in some way at least with some sort of a dark edge. The contest is open to anyone age 14-19.

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A Man of Many Hats


FROM THE 2010 Articles,
andLarry Ham,
andReedley News,

by Larry Ham

Will Goldbeck is a man who’s worn a lot of hats in his life. He has an incredible collection of sports-related baseball caps but that’s not what I’m referring to. When it comes to the local sports scene, Will has done it all — often at the same time.


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