obedience training

House-Training Your Dog

by Sheryl Wall

House-training can be one of the most daunting aspects of owning a dog but it is always worth the effort. There are many techniques so it may be hard to choose which you want to use. I found the best method for my dogs and me through research followed by trial and error.

Dog Training: What’s Next?

by Tara Wilson

So you and your dog have completed a basic manners class? You may be wondering what’s next as far as training your dog. What activities are there to get involved in? Training doesn’t end with basic manners, but it does give you the skills you need…

Why Train Your Dog?

by Sheryl Wall

Many people in our society own dogs but how many take the time to train them? It’s hard work so it’s easy to just give up but dogs are made to work and, without training, chaos happens.