Mary Poppins On Stage At Golden Chain Theater

by Michael Van Buren

After almost exactly eighteen months, Mary Poppins is returning to the Golden Chain Theater’s stage. Caroline McDonald and most of the cast of over forty are returning to the roles they only got to play for one weekend out of the five planned for March of 2020 when the show had to be closed because of the burgeoning pandemic.

Pedal Forward Brings Biking to Oakhurst

by Steven Sanchez

When the pandemic hit, friends Michael Broderick and Jorge Negrete were at a loss on what to do next after they were furloughed from their hospitality jobs at Tenaya Lodge. The two share an interest in biking, so they decided that since there wasn’t one in their native town of Oakhurst, they decided to give the community it’s only go-to bike shop in quite some time. That became the origins of the Pedal Forward Bikes & Adventure shop.

Golden Chain Theatre: Our Common Journey

by James Mierkey

How many articles have you seen in the past few months that begin with, “This past year has been a challenge for all of us…”? Thoughts like this tend to shift my focus from "what is" to "what was,” and I think there is a danger in spending too much time there. We really can’t be blamed, though, it’s hard to not get stuck pondering lost opportunities, and especially lost loved ones. I lost my dad in August of 2020, and it hurts still today. But dad would want me to be resilient and keep moving forward. So, from a platform of remembrance of lost opportunities, lost loved ones, and my dad, I will try to keep my focus on "what can.”

Vegan Love Café Serves Love to the Valley

by Steven Sanchez

In the state of California, when you think of the havens that are considered vegan, you would imagine cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Rarely would you think of the Central Valley. And by reputation, deservedly so. We are the agricultural capitol of the world, especially when it comes to meat and dairy. You can’t go a square mile in this area and not see a farm of some sort.

Golden Chain Theatre Online Melodrama

by Michael Van Buren

The Golden Chain Theatre is known for its summer melodramas. Since 1967, audiences have been booing, cheering, and enjoying free popcorn. But what was to happen in the summer of 2020 when gatherings of family and friends were not happening? How could we make sure that our patrons continue to smile beneath their masks?

Theatre in the Valley During Shelter-In-Place

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This has been a difficult time for everyone. Not only are businesses closed that aren’t essential, but all events have been canceled as well. Many of those events have found creative ways to happen virtually, providing mostly free entertainment for those of us stuck in our homes. Community theatre has been hit particularly hard, canceling their shows has not only been disappointing for everyone, but they also don’t have those ticket sales coming in to help pay the bills.

Mary Poppins at Golden Chain Theatre in Oakhurst

by Michael Van Buren

The Golden Chain Theatre in Oakhurst, California, kicks off its 2020 season with the practically perfect, iconic musical: Mary Poppins. With a cast of over fifty and a large production crew making Mary’s magic come to life, this show promises to charm and enchant audiences with a story that they are familiar with and yet will bring surprises. Seasoned performers Caroline McDonald and George Rich take on the roles of Mary and Bert; both bringing something fresh to these well-known characters.



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